We have spent over 50 years helping employees understand their retirement benefits.

During that time, we have found an increasing misunderstanding or confusion about retirement benefits mostly because of the lack of education on the part of the employers and the lack of professionalism and fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the agents representing the various companies they represent.

MyNMIN was established in conjunction with NMIN Advisor to help the employee understand their retirement benefits and give them the ability to educate themselves and to use that education to help them manage their retirement. They have the option to handle this by themselves using all the valuable information and guidance within MyNMIN or with the help and guidance of NMIN Advisor.

The management and NMIN Advisor are Certified Financial Fiduciaries and members of the National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries. For more information Click Here to go to the NMIN Advisor for a clearer understanding.

Also, NMIN Advisors are Tax-Focused Advisors – A Tax-Focused Advisor delivers their clients proactive tax planning strategies—both while they work, and throughout their retirement. To learn more, Click Here to go to the NMIN Advisor site for more information.

So, whether you are interested in knowing more about your retirement or want to mange your accounts without outside partisan “help”, MyNMIN can help you. Our promise to you is that no one will contact you unless you request it. No pressure, no obligation, just the help and education you’ve been looking for.